Silenced truths and mercenary campaigns

Silenced truths and mercenary campaigns
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11 May 2020

While the U.S. government has yet to say a word about the attack on Cuba’s embassy in Washington, more funds to attack Cuban medical collaboration were approved. Photo: AFP

Since January 1, 1959, countless terrorist actions have been planned, financed and executed against Cuba by U.S. special services and their mercenaries, who, on orders from the White House, have left a trail of horror and blood in their wake.

They have committed these attacks using a complete arsenal: armed infiltration, biological warfare, sabotage, planting of explosive devices, burning of schools and warehouses, kidnappings, including the non plus ultra of atrocity, the explosion of a civilian aircraft in mid-air.

Among the horrific pages of this ferocity, we remember the introduction of dengue hemorrhagic fever, a disease that left 150 victims, including 101 children. Introducing the virus was not enough: Cuba was denied access to a U.S. made chemical product and equipment to eliminate the vector spreading the disease, the Aedes aegypti mosquito.

In the 90s, the CIA introduced more than 30 explosive devices in Cuba, of which 11 exploded in tourist facilities; while outside the island, our embassies were targeted.

Just when some thought this violent era was behind us, the attack on our embassy in Washington took place April 30th. José Ramón Cabañas, Cuba’s ambassador to the United States, said: “The verbal terrorism only lacked armed terrorism.”

The constant verbal attacks and the growing hostility shown by U.S. government officials, slanders of our medical collaboration, threats, the intensification of the genocidal blockade, all constitute an incentive for those who have no other language than that of violence and terror.

Alexander Alazo is the man who held the gun and pulled the trigger; but others promoting this aggressive policy with hateful language are responsible for providing the motive.

Nonetheless, there are truths more eloquent than a thousand lies or slanders. Recent reports indicate that the United States government approved another two million dollars to fund “organizations that will promote human rights in Cuba," in particular for programs that directly attack Cuban medical collaboration.

Subversive financing, the genocidal blockade, a man wielding an assault rifle – all part of the same plan. Without speaking a word, the U.S. send a message that is explicit and clear.


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