Palestine: The Huge Shame that Will Remain for "Civilization"

Palestine: The Huge Shame that Will Remain for "Civilization"
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14 April 2024

A few days ago, during the days of the III International Patria Colloquium, held in the Cuban capital, I saw men and women, Cuban men and women of many ages, politicians, scientists, intellectuals, communicators from several regions of the planet and even teenagers, crying, moaning, making sounds of pain and/or anger and even hit a wall and then walk away almost without stopping, as if trying to escape from a horror.

These were people who attended one of the most popular stands of the Colloquium, an initiative of the Arab television station Al Mayadeen with which they could, through the use of 3D cinema technology, immerse themselves in a room, in a short space where you could see the bombs, the massacre, the torn bodies, the buildings collapsing almost on top of them, hospitals in ruins and people being murdered while receiving food.

It’s a chaos, the most criminal of all that the Palestinian people have been experiencing for more than 75 years, but for several months now the death toll, the agony, the already unspeakable or untold, what could seem like fiction if you were not seeing it every day and become news before the incredulous eyes of the world, it seems unreal.

The worst thing is that we already talk about it normally, the world keeps spinning and the hundreds of daily deaths, entire families missing and childhood taken away from a people who someone - definitively – wants to make it disappear from the face of the earth, it’s already part of our daily life.

"This is what we can’t ever allow to happen in Cuba or anywhere else," I heard a man say with tears in his eyes, his fists clenched and his face very red, as if overheated, once he left the room. the aforementioned immersion room rigged with high technology, by the colleagues of Al Mayadeen, to whom words would never fit, the gratitude for the informative and denunciation work they carry out every day, beyond threats and hazzards. They know well which side is reason and duty.

Hopefully this humanity will say ENOUGH and will definitely start moving forward, as Che Guevara said in his provisional words at the United Nations, with unwavering faith in human beings and their ability to fight, united, for a better world, although today not even that organization is able to take firm and real steps to stop so much cruelty.

April 5 was Palestinian Children's Day, established in 1995 by Yasser Arafat (then leader of the Palestinian Authority) and later adopted by the United Nations Children's Fund (UNICEF), to highlight the impact of the occupation. Israeli colonialism in boys and girls.

In the same social networks where every day we see the nonsense of the almost extinction of an entire people, with terrifying cruelty against its children, a colleague and friend remembered and denounced the words that I now make mine: "this is how hope of a brave people, which reminds us today of the immense shame that will remain in the history of "civilization"  is kidnapped.

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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