May Day: United by Making Cuba

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May Day: United by Making Cuba
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1 May 2021

This May Day will not be like others. There will be no parades or mobilizations. But since the soul of every Cuban has been summoned, it won’t be missed and will be with the workers of the world waving their flag.

The call of the Central de Trabajadores de Cuba (CTC) for this Day of the world proletariat has been to remain each in its house because today that’s the best way to care for and defend homeland. This time, it’s about defending it against a microscopic coronavirus that we can let it defeat us.

Anyway, as it has always been, today there will be those who will necessarily remain in their jobs because they are carrying an essential job.

Right now, there will be a doctor, a nurse, saving someone's life; there will be a driver driving an ambulance or heavy vehicle loaded with necessary food for the family, a peasant gathering the harvest, a law enforcement officer keeping the peace of citizens and making sure measures are complied…

And behind the doors and windows of Cuban homes will remain a good part of the population that will have hung their flag off the balcony, which will be participating in the great tweet for the day, or thinking about this moment in the workers of the world and how much is missing to the inhabitants of this planet to reach the "day that we achieve triumph", that day in which "The hatreds that poison the world will be extinguished", as predicts the Anthem of The International.

As long as that future comes, the people of this Island will continue to be persuaded that "United we make Cuba" - as indicated in the CTC slogan for this May Day.

And consequently, we’ll continue to act, convinced that, as well as announces the anthem of the workers of the world, one day “The Earth will be the beautiful paradise of humanity. "

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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