Iberostar still committed to Cuba destination

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Iberostar still committed to Cuba destination
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20 November 2020

The tourist season was just getting underway in Cuba and the Majorcan group announced its gradual timetable of reopening in the country with the resuming of operations in six of its hotels.

After a three-months break of the tourist industry, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the island is back as a safe, credible destination thanks to the great and efficient efforts carried out by the sector and the country in general.

Miguel Fluxá, Chairman of the Iberostar Group, has expressed satisfaction at reopening hotels in Cuba, where the company has been settled for almost three decades. He also highlighted the efficiency of the health security program How We Care, which has proven successful in other scenarios.

“We have made steady progress in this new scenario by strengthening the clients’ trust and consolidating an increasingly responsible model of tourism. We are very satisfied to contribute to the reopening of this destination along with local authorities and key partners to us, such as Condor. Together, we have the infrastructure, expertise, and the necessary talent to guaranteeing a safe vacation in Cuba,” he stated.

Similarly, Ralf Teckentrup, Condor CEO, confirmed that, in times of Covid-19, “Cuba meets all the standard to a perfect getaway: Caribbean weather, nice hotels, and wonderful beaches to go for a swim and relax. For 65 years, Condor has taken travelers in a safe, trustworthy holiday destinations, and will continue doing so even in special moments like this.”

Last October 31st, Iberostar welcomed 150 travel agents and representatives of tour operators of the German travel market in Varadero in order to show them the hygienic and safety measures throughout the whole trip: the airplane, the destination, and the hotels.

The Spanish multinational company, operating more than 100 four-and-five-stars hotels in 16 countries, remains on track of its gradual timetable of reopening in America and Cuba, where the company started operations with hotels Iberostar Selection Varadero, Iberostar Taínos and Iberostar Selection Bella Vista Varadero, all located in Varadero.

Iberostar Selection Ensenacho, Iberostar Daiquirí and Iberostar Selection Holguín, in the coming months, will resume operation depending on the borders reopening and the upsurge in the demand and the air connectivity. A large number of facilities will resume operations.

A note released by the Iberostar Communication Office highlights that the hotel chain gives priority to quality through innovation and renovation of its products. Therefore, the company has made the most out of the months of inactivity to refurbish facilities in the destination. In the case of Iberostar Selection Varadero, some of its rooms and its buffet-restaurant have been refurbished, boasting a completely revolutionary approach under the premise of an individualized service. Improvement in the Iberostar Taínos’ lobby, reception and beach access have been made.

Although they were linked to the shoemaking industry since its origin in 1877, this 100-percent-family-owned company is not new in the tourist management; as they boast 60 years of experience in the industry, half of them committed to the Cuba destination.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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