Gastronomy: The Pleasure of Serving the People

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Gastronomy: The Pleasure of Serving the People
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2 January 2021

Prime Minister Manuel Marrero Cruz affirmed faithfully this Wednesday, during the VI ordinary session of the National Assembly of People's Power: "We must rescue those qualities of working, of motivating, that pleasure of serving the people."

He thus sentenced regarding the work of the state gastronomy, whose inefficiencies should not be attributed solely to the lack of supplies, he said.

Among the important matters addressed in Parliament, the pleasure of serving the people is just a brushstroke. But how interesting and necessary that it was approached, because if that satisfaction is rescued, we will have half of the journey covered as for the quality of services, not just gastronomic, but in general.

In addition to the low salaries paid in the gastronomy sector until now, acknowledged by the Prime Minister himself, other sides seem to have had poor attention.

Among them, the feeling of belonging and motivation should be mentioned - the latter also approached by Marrero. Respect should not distinguish a professor from a waiter; a researcher from a cook, because regardless of the social contribution each make, their dignity must be equivalent.

Once the gastronomy worker understands and appreciates himself, he will also perceive better the importance of his work and be motivated to serve diners or clients, not as a favor he carries reluctantly, but with that excellence that brings satisfaction to those who offer the service.

Marrero Cruz commented in his speech the importance of "seeking a single quality of services in the country, it doesn’t matter if it’s a foreign tourist or one of our fellow citizens" who receives them.

This way of analysis also has a wide range of possibilities, including several regrettable anecdotes. However, now that the pieces of the puzzle of the Cuban economy are falling into place, we can trust that the Cuban who cares for another Cuban will do it as his family, because that’s what we are. We are all “Cuba”, regardless how thick is the wallet.

Unfortunately, it has not always been like this until now. Right up to this minute is tangible the lack of sense of belonging –in addition to violations of what’s established-, when some raise prices to abusive levels –as Marrero described them-, just at times that demand precisely the opposite because there are many deficiencies and because we are all Cubans.

In terms of relieving needs, the popular gastronomy system has a lot of work ahead of them, therefore the speaker also called for rescuing these cafeterias, since the food expenses provided for in the basic basket of goods and services also include them.

But the main source of provisions for these gastronomic units will be what each municipality is capable of producing, and once again at this point the importance of all of us thinking as a country is ratified because it will translate into action that contributes to everyone’s quality of life.

Efficiency and quality in services will go hand in hand with discipline, to live up to the task, the control on behalf of the different government structures and also that sense of belonging that accompanies the ordering of the economy. Because it is not just another regulatory document, as Marrero Cruz underlined, but the main compass to satisfy the needs of the people.

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