Does Cuba need socialism?

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Does Cuba need socialism?
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7 April 2023

Socialism in Cuba is not only viable. It is, actually, the best sociopolitical and economic system to which our country can aspire. Socialism is essentially the most appropriate alternative for the nation.

However, when we say that Cuba must continue following the socialist path, it is not a question of a schematic socialism, nor about the dogmatic idea of socialism for socialism's sake. Socialism is not a concept that has been defined in a unique and complete way: it is a theoretical and practical construction that men have tried to do in certain times and spaces. With this premise, Cuba has to aspire to a type of socialism that bets effectively on economic development.

Occasionally it is intended to present socialism as an antithesis of prosperity. This is an opportunistic, naive or, at least, not very rigorous simplification. In fact, the economic development of a nation does not depend exclusively on whether the relations of production are predominantly socialist or capitalist. A long series of elements have an impact on it.

Indeed, contemporary history accounts for great leaps achieved under socialist power in countries that could be set as examples, as well as evidence that capitalism has not been successful in multiple States and regions of the world.

For this reason, and because of Cuba's own history, socialism strategically becomes the most viable option for the country. However, Cuban socialism has to target more on prosperity, as it has been defined in the last decades. The aspiration must target socialism accompanied by economic growth, whose result can be attached to social interests.

There is no contradiction. Cuba must remain socialist. But at the same time, it needs an economy capable of satisfying the popular needs accumulated due to the suffocating US blockade, the global and national effects of the coronavirus pandemic, and some internal flaws.

And for this to be sustainable and consistent with our past, Cuban socialism must also continue to uphold the banners of anti-imperialism and continue to guarantee social justice and national sovereignty.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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