Deadline, or new beginnings for the Revolution?

Deadline, or new beginnings for the Revolution?
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5 August 2022

These coincidences are, to some, worthy to remember; but, to others, are synonym of the shame experienced by those who, wrongly, believe that walls of lies can protect them from failure.


In the vast history of Cuba there have been some of these situations that, worth mentioning, have something in common, the strength of this people and its leaders, as well as the will to defend our Homeland and come together against political meddling and interventionism.


These are the reasons why, almost spontaneously, when on July 11, 2021 the violence —fueled by a bloody media and ideological campaign— aimed to destabilize the country and take our peace away, when the revolutionaries prepared to confront the mob, and when the President went out and led his people, and appealed to their conscience to defend the nation, many did not hesitate to affirm: it seems that we are living another August 5th.


Because that day back in 1994, which will remain forever in popular memory, the same factors came together: inciting disorder, attacking state institutions, committing acts of vandalism, and financing counterrevolutionary elements so that they put themselves at the epicenter of disturbances whose goal was, logically, to destroy the Revolution.


The situation in the country was critical. The collapse of the socialist bloc was a severe blow to the Cuban economy, and society as a whole faced everything from the lack of public transportation to the difficulty of bringing food home. All of this, which undeniably generated stress, discontent, and concern, created what our enemies identified as a climate conducive to exerting ideological pressure against the people, and they did so.


This opportunistic approach, actually, did not surprise anyone, and much less this brilliant ideologue, unrivaled politician and unique leader named Fidel Castro Ruz. That is why, when the situation got worse that August 5th, he did not hesitate and went out the street with the only bulletproof vest he always wore: his ethics, moral, and an unparalleled trust in the people; the people that built the Revolution with their own hands, were not going to destroy it.


The maturity of that people, their respect for the man who made José Martí's dreams come true, and the certainty that those who presented themselves as saviors were, on the contrary, such a furious wave ready to drown us all, once again proved him right.


That day, while the people chanted “Fidel! Fidel!”, the hopes of those who, with naive certainty, announced “the end,” were extinguished.




The world, without exaggeration, was struggling to make the difference between life and death, and our nation was no exception. All resources, all of them, were available to these efforts. The pandemic itself generated, as expected, a lot of tension in the economy and, if that was not bad enough, over 200 measures designed to suffocate us as well as another twist to the U.S. blockade, worsen the panorama for Cuba.


Our enemies, with their "deep humanist sense," quickly entered the scene, and showed "concerned" for the Cuban people (who were denied medical oxygen to successfully overcome the disease), took on the task of opening the eyes of Cubans, showing that the "cruel dictatorship" was not capable of meeting to the needs of the people.


Once again they took advantage, in the vilest way, of the harshness of a historical time. They shielded behind their well-paid media machinery, moved their salaried puppets within the country, increased the call for violence and used material shortages and needs to their advantage, again, in order to create a climate of mistrust and pessimism.


The result was the July 11th events, which they called a "spontaneous social outburst against the regime," knowing that it was another sign of their soft coup strategy.


Once again they highlighted the end. They had planned everything so well. They had invested so much that they thought nothing could go wrong. Perhaps they even thought that without Fidel's physical presence, there would be no one to reverse the situation, and they sat down and waited.


But there are two overwhelming truths for Cubans: the first is that Fidel is living in every person and the second has a name: continuity. That day another leader, son of another historical time, but also with great moral strength, called on the revolutionaries to defend our Homeland, and the patriots of Cuba responded to the call. And he also went out to the street, and he did so bare-chested. He was surrounded by the people and called for peace.


Quickly, like that August 5th, the popular nobility and courage was felt, and violence had no choice but to kneel in the face of a firm decision to protect the citizens’ safety.




Our economy will surely take off faster if human beings were not given priority. Huge budgets cut will be made to social programs. There would be massive layoffs. Social security would be eliminated and, probably, the economic recovery, looking at it calmly, would be seen in the short term.


This is how capitalism works. This is how the system they want to impose on us has survived for centuries. People are treated like tokens within capitalism and they are used, like chess, depending on the moment and if necessary, they are sacrificed without remorse.


They cannot understand how—even under this brutal and sick economic siege— our State can give priority to human beings and reach everyone in need, which is not easy, but it is an inalienable decision.


If they let us alone, if they had the courage to lift the blockade, it would be a different story.


Beyond the spread of fake and contrary opinions, the majority of Cubans love their country, even if they live abroad. Economic, to a much greater degree than political, have been the reasons for many sons and daughters of this Island to emigrate. But this truth is manipulated.


This has been, without a doubt, one of the issues that is part of the agenda of anti-Cuban media, which present the issue as "the chaos in which the Cuban people are living to escape from a bloody regime."

However, they do not talk about the creation of laws to encourage illegal migration, their refusal to respect and enforce the migratory agreements signed between the two nations, which aim to grant the corresponding number of visas each year, or how they hinder the right of people to emigrate in a safe and orderly manner.


That is another reality that is sustained over time, that manifested itself in that August of 1994, that manifests even today and that, apparently, will not cease to exist, as it would mean that they ran out of one of their favorite arguments to maintain the perennial attack against our country.




The enemies of the Cuban Revolution have set uncountable dates to its end. Every time they mastermind a new maneuver, they actually assume that “this is the one,” and they do believe so.


What they do not understand is that this Cuban people do not negotiate their principles. This people do not quit, do not get tired. This people do not retreat if sovereignty is threatened.


That is why, every time they try to repeat their coup strategies, they relive their fails. They are reminded of the Cuban lineage. They are made aware that principles and morals are not negotiable, because they are a fundamental bastion of this nation.


No August 5th, or July 11th, the Cuban Revolution will exist as long as its children protect it. What a possible collapse is for them, it is a new beginning for all Cuban patriots.


Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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