The Blond Goebbels

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The Blond Goebbels
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27 November 2020

“Lie, lie, lie, something will remain. The bigger the lie, the more it is believed.” It was Joseph Goebbels’ statement in the years of the WWII when he was Minister of Public Enlightenment and Propaganda under Hitler’s government in Germany. It seems we are living, reading, and listening again these days to the same propaganda, especially if we look at the U.S. President Donald Trump’s tweets and public statements.

Lie, lie, lie that something will remain, as Joseph Goebbels affirmed, “I WON,” “I CONCEDE NOTHING,” and so Donald Trump does in his tweets, lying, lying, and lying…The bigger the lie, the more it is believed…And it has been so until now, after the evident results in the U.S. presidential elections last November 3rd.  

It does not matter if Biden won 79+ million votes, 6 million more than Trump, (Biden has outvoted Trump 51% to 47%, so far). It does not matter if Biden won a significant number of electoral votes 306 (electors) against Trump’s 232 in that ancient and anti-democratic system which made a candidate with 270 or more electoral votes president of that nation. 306 electoral votes, the same number with which Donald Trump won the last presidential elections, despite he lost to Democrat’s Hillary Clinton by 3 million votes — real votes from America citizens.

Despite numbers prove that Trump lost the elections, although the thorough vote counting issued confirm Trump’s electoral defeat, millions of people in that country still believe in Trump, and worst, they will continue to believe in Trump; the same way millions of Germans followed and believed in Hitler, Goebbels’ boss, during the Third Reich regime.

Nothing new in the U.S. elections. Nothing new since the 1824 elections, it has been so many years; although there has been a virtual bipartisan consensus in the last decades — between dominant political parties —, without putting in jeopardy the existing U.S. political system, without delegitimize it, as Donald Trump is outrageously doing now.

Why is Mr. Trump doing so? For fun? Does he behave that way because he has a narcissistic personality disorder since childhood as some are pointing out? If so, how a man like Trump could have become president of that country? And he proved it to everyone in these four years of poor governance, especially during the pandemic, whose terrible consequences — 250+ thousand deaths and 11 millions of infected people, 1+ million more people infected in a week — are, to a great extent, the results of the bad choices taken by Donald Trump’s government.

Only God knows why Trump is doing what he does. But I suggest the following. Trump has been defeated in his presidential run. Let’s assume that he, against all odds, is firmly convinced that he will be re-elected as President and disturbed, then, ruminating on his present and future, he already nourishes his ideas to be in office again four more years. In his favor, 73+ million people voted for him. That's a lot of votes. So many that even leaders with the Republican Party are frightened to disagree with him. They do not dare to do it, nor they will.  

Many threats loom over Trump for the next few months and years in law courts due to his financial frauds. It would be the case if Trump stops fueling the chaos the recent president-elect Joe Biden will inherit, if Trump decides to grant himself the presidential pardon to pardon himself for any crime committed. No president has done it before, nor even Richard Nixon. But Trump could perfectly do it…

It is worrisome that Trump fired top officials in the military. It triggers panic and uncertainty among population, which is actually his goal.

He fuels chaos and uncertainty to the extreme to undermine the new president’s job. His many resources before court may create difficulties and even nullify the electoral results, which are additional signs of his evil intentions.

Biden will find a divided nation, a Republican-controlled Congress, and the threatening presence of Donald Trump, always lying and misleading to create chaos, confusion, aimed at delegitimize the new administration.

He is creating the optimal conditions to spread chaos and nourish his ambitions and personal interests. Donald Trump will not vanish from the domestic political arena. We will see a lot of him, lying, lying, lying…

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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