Between Blackmail and Cold War

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Between Blackmail and Cold War
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16 August 2020

The attempts to extend this major START-3 nuclear non-proliferation treaty, effective until January 2021, are about to fail due to the attitude of Donald Trump’s government, focused on fueling the spirit of the Cold War, which has never ended.

He is actually trying to embrace an even more dangerous stance and keeps playing the gangster’s role, intimidated by nothing. It looks like threatening the world’s survival is not important to him now, as he is using this situation for his own advantage —his electoral campaign for the presidential reelection— to soften somehow unfavorable surveys as a consequence of his disdain and negligence in his response to the Covid-19 pandemic —which made the US the new world’s epicenter— or his violent response to racial issues, triggering massive riots against him.

And all this without slowing down the imperialist propaganda against Russia by portraying that nation in the same level of the US while addressing the main problems faced by mankind. The goal is actually to draw the attention away from US military aggressions against small Third World nations, the blackmailing of economic agencies, and the pressures to use the Security Council his own way.

He is now fueling the essence of the Cold War, which was understood as the conflict between “communism and the free world.” But this conflict failed in a paramount concept: The Soviet Union was not a capitalist country nor developed an imperialist policy. Even though there is another political system in Russia —after the collapse of the Soviet Union and the European socialist bloc—, this country is still the US main military rival, controlling large nuclear stockpile. That’s why Russia is the top enemy of the Pentagon. This statement derives from the ratification of Moscow to not allow West to operate in Syria the same way Western nations did in Libya, where NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization), loyal to the US hegemony, assassinated without punishment thousands of civilians on behalf of “protecting civilians.”

Russian officials have also voiced they want to be real players in the creation of a European anti-missile system. In this regard, Russian leader Vladimir Putin stated: “Russia will not be just a ‘passive observer’ of the US actions as if they were ‘a tourist visiting the planetarium.’ He also pointed out he did not trust the imperial propaganda, allegedly resumed in their protection from an Iranian nuclear attack, especially when surrounding Russia more and more with the help of former socialist nations.  

“The anti-missile system must correspond to the alleged threat posed by Iran, as the US wants us to believe. If so, why is the US deploying a brand-new anti-missile system which, apparently, are meant to repel an attack from Russia, not Iran? Both parties cannot succeed in creating a joint anti-missile system if they do not trust each other,” Putin explained.

But all efforts led nowhere with this administration, which just ordered the strengthening the ground-based system in Poland, maintaining that of Rumania and using nations near Russian to surrounding them.

Simultaneously, in a likely coordinated action, the Israel’s corrupt PM Benjamín Netanyahu renewed his threat of erasing all Middle East before an eventual attack from Iranian, or other nation, without admitting Israel owns hundreds of nuclear weapons provided —directly or indirectly— by the US.

In the Far East, in the context of tightening the ring around China, the US forced South Korea to carry out war maneuvers near North Korean coasts with the use of aircraft carriers having such mass destructive weapons. And this is supported by a sort of propaganda designed by US-controlled media aimed at making us believe Pyongyang may unleash a nuclear attack in any minute, no matter the consequences.

This escalated after the North Korean government voiced its opposition to the arms race and its will to contribute to the elimination of nuclear weapons if the US stops threatening its people, withdraws nuclear weapons from South Korea, and stops sabotaging peace talks between South Korea and North Korea.

In the case of Europe, and despite statements against the German chancellor, Ángela Merkel, some newspapers report that the US have stationed some war-ready nukes in German soil. Besides, Berlin is being used by Washington in their plans against Syria.

Everything is happening —I must point out— amid Trump’s refusal to meet with Moscow to extend START-3, while maintaining the ongoing and gross violations of the Treaty on the Non-Proliferation of Nuclear Weapons.

Putin had warned Europe about the danger of losing its sovereignty at the hands of the US. He also stated that Washington’s aggressive stance has made Moscow to begin optimizing their nuclear weapons as serious deterrent and security. And he also trusted in the mental clarity of leaders to avoid the use of nukes under the false pretext of impeding the restoration of the Soviet Union, as the Russian Federation has not such intention.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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