About counter-revolution and other flatulence

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About counter-revolution and other flatulence
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2 April 2022

The hysteria against the Cuban Revolution remains at the highest level in the United States, where lawmakers of Cuban origin and the wealthy counter-revolution controlling Florida continue to voice out their disrespect, and even more so when they cite from time to time that statement by Vice President Kamala Harris, who confirmed they will only lift the criminal blockade against the Island when those criminal elements allow it.

These lawmakers have also targeted others of the same origin, such as the Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, also of Cuban origin, who aims to maintain the official immigration policy and has made enemies by preventing Cubans from entering the US illegally, pointing out that the wet feet, dry feet policy has not existed for five years, which has caused so many deaths, although these continue to occur.

The media and reactionary elements even criticized Mayorkas, when, as a result of the counterrevolutionary mob in July of last year, he did not show solidarity with the participants, and was pretty severe, even more than with Central Americans peers when he stated: "Let me be clear, if you take to the sea, you will not come to the United States.”

Thus, Mayorkas, who was an official during the Obama administration and helped to eliminate such a law, with the approval of then Vice President Joe Biden, has been indirectly under the scrutiny lawmakers of Cuban origin, who lead the constant boycott of officials attempts to somewhat alleviate the situation of those who emigrate.

Lawmakers Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio — both with presidential dreams — and Bob Menendez champion the crème de la crème of this evil. They have all led the refusal to discuss a plan of

immigration reform that offered an eight-year path to citizenship, the first of these efforts, all failed, in a Congress dominated by lobbyists and wealthy people.

But, in my opinion, this official is actually different to the aberration of Ted, Bob and Marco, who represent the worst.

They do not only mistreat, like Ted, those who have to suffer his administration, but in their arrogance, they are involved in intrusive policies that demand more sanctions against Nicaragua, they line up all their weapons against the current Mexican government, and as already proven, they had an important involvement in the 2019 coup against the government of Evo Morales in Bolivia.


Marco Rubio and Bob Menéndez are once again in the spotlight for trying to officially renew the program that encourages the brain drain against Cuba, mainly against doctors, which had its most relevant moment during the Donald Trump’s administration, and which now, in a one way or another, has the complicity of the current administration.

No doubt that, along with ted Cruz, they are the kings of miasma. Without a doubt, together with Ted Cruz, they are the kings of miasma. But they should not rest on their laurels, as they have a strong contender in the Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar, who, although they cannot fall asleep on their "laurels", because for some time there has been a strong contender in the anti-Cuban lobby with Congresswoman María Elvira Salazar, who represents Florida’s 27th Congressional District.

She ran "to prevent socialism from being established and ruining the United States," she declared in her campaign, something truly absurd, but part of the discourse of the American extreme right.

Along with Carlos Giménez, Nicole Malliotakis, Albido Sires, Mario Díaz-Balar, Alex Nonell, Anthony González and the aforementioned senators Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz and Bob Menéndez, the congresswoman is part of the group of ten Cuban-Americans in the United States Congress.

But these last three are the ones who take the lead in everything they can do against the Cuban Revolution and those supporting it, in their own view. 

Thus, they have come to say that Mexico is home to numerous Russian spies, viciously attacked Mexican congressmen who created a committee to support Russia, and accused President Andrés Manuel López Obrador of being sided with Moscow and not with Washington.

In this context, they were reminded that Mexico opposed the Russian special military operation against Ukraine, because, no matter how valid it may be, the Latin American nation believes that no country should invade another, since the cradle of the Aztecs has endured four foreign invasions, two of them from the United States, which stole more than half of its territory.

López Obrador, who speaks clearly, lashed out at lawmakers of Cuban origin, because they always attack and make enemies of those who maintain relations with Cuba, recalling that it is suffering from an unjust blockade by the United States.

The stance of Bob Menéndez, especially, was so absurd that it was criticized even by media outlets not related to progressive ideas, such as MSN and AP, which came to ask why they are attacking Mexico, when there are other countries that have stepped aside.

Bob's opinion was also requested on whether there seems to be a kind of anti-Mexico "lobby" among US politicians with Cuban-American heritage, as outlined by other congressmen, as a kind of punishment for Mexico’s historical relationship with Cuba. Senator Menéndez chose silence.


For his part, Ted Cruz expressed his concern over the "systematic attempt" and "open hostility" of the Mexican government to undermine US companies, especially those in the oil sector, by reversing "the liberalizing energy reform" of the previous president, Enrique Peña Nieto, who handed over the country's wealth to foreign, mainly North American, consortiums.

We could cite large and small despicable things about these individuals, such as Ted Cruz’s most recent outburst when he verbally abused an airline employee for not delaying a flight that he finally missed, which made security agents intervene; as well as the Texas senator's happy trip to Cancun amid a massive cold wave that caused numerous deaths in the population.

But those are minutiae that disappear in the face of vile actions, such as the proven involvement of Cruz, Menéndez and Rubio in the 2019 coup against Evo Morales in Bolivia.

There are 16 recordings that support the above. In the audios, the framework of the conspiracy against the Bolivian government was released and contemplated the separation and division of the Bolivian army and the national police.

The plan focused on the fact that if Evo won the elections on October 2020, a civic-military transition government would be established, which would allege fraud and would not recognize his victory.

In addition, it foresaw the manipulation of strategic sectors of Bolivian society to create a climate of chaos and destabilization, in order to pressure the Bolivian government to resign.

The audios reveal the interference of the US and the use of the accredited embassies in the country and the Evangelical Church, to enter the resources that would serve as the fuel to execute the operation.

Mention is also made of the commitments of the well-known US senators of Cuban origin Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio and Bob Menéndez, who would be in direct contact with the opposition in Bolivia to promote change, as well as ensure the supply of the funds that would be sent from the United States for the conspiracy and subsequent coup.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Díaz / CubaSí Translation Staff

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