Russia: False Russian Mercenary Filmed by British Reporters Disclosed

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Russia: False Russian Mercenary Filmed by British Reporters Disclosed
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11 August 2016
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A supposed Russian mercenary, filmed in Syria, by reporters working for British television chain Sky News, came to be an actor from a theater in Moscow, who was hired by Sky News and collected his fee, revealed the news reports here Wednesday.

The reportage film, which author is British press correspondent in Syria, John Sparks, with the title "Secrets of the Russian Mercenaries in Syria", was published Wednesday and considered an authentic revelation by the press media in western countries.

In the history narrated in the film, two mercenaries called Alexander and Dmitri appear, as members of a group trained by military supervisors from Russia, to advise the troops still loyal to Syrian President Bashar Al Assad in the battles outside Alepo, Syria.

The reportage film by Sky News tells the audience that the mercenaries were hired by a private company that transferred them to Syria in military planes. There, they fought, for the equivalent to 3,000 British sterling pounds a month (250,000 Russian rubles, 3,901.17 US dollars).

The witnesses (with the secret faces) also revealed the British journalist that 500 and 600 Russian mercenaries would have died in the operations in Syria and that as minimum average 50 of them were walking by the streets of Moscow, according to this version.

According to the channel NTV, certainly the actor of the sensational reportage of eight minutes is a Russian, identified as Alexandr Agapov, a professional theater actor, resident in Moscow, who got fees for this work.

Without facts or a serious investigation, based on revelations of the 'secret hero' the British TV chain bet for selling the false history on Russian mercenaries, ready to do the dirty work, to kill by order and to organize provocations for 250 thousand rubles, reviewed the Russian television network.

Agapov zealously saved the interviews recorded as an irrefutable evidence that that black silhouette that was narrating about the supposed presence of Russian mercenaries in Syria was precisely his role, the source said.

The material was placed this Wednesday in the official place of Sky News (, with a previous announcement in Twitter.

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