Iran rejects final declaration issued at Gulf Summit

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Iran rejects final declaration issued at Gulf Summit
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12 December 2019
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Teheran, Dec 12 (Prensa Latina) Iran rejected the final declaration issued by the 40th summit of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), which it considered imprudent and unfounded.

In a response broadcast this Thursday by local media, Foreign Secretary of State Abbas Mousavi considered as an obstacle to regional cooperation pronouncements reflected in the text of the summit.

The spokesman assured the text arose from pressure exerted by GCC directors who called to unite against Iran.

According to Mousavi, they must answer for creating and strengthening terrorist groups in Iraq, Syria and Yemen and also invite foreign powers to intervene in regional issues.

In this regard, he took the opportunity to mention Iran's proposals and mechanisms, including a non-aggression agreement, aimed at dialogue such as the Ormuz Peace Initiative.

Mousavi condemned the GCC's open support to economic terrorism imposed by the United States against the Persian country, an obvious policy against good neighbourliness, he stressed.

On the contrary, Tehran invited any international event to establish negotiations with all those in the region without the presence of actors outside the area.

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