Organization against the war of symbols. That is the path to be followed by Leftists

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Organization against the war of symbols. That is the path to be followed by Leftists
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3 November 2019
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“The war of symbols and culture is all over the arena of confrontation: in social networks, in the streets, in the in-product communication” therefore, there is a need “to organize effectively the hearts of the culture of resilience.”

These were some of the ideas shared by Abel Prieto, head of the Jose Marti Program Office and president of the Jose Marti Cultural Society, at the panel Decolonization and Cultural War. Strategic Communication and Social Struggle, gathered as part of the Anti-Imperialist Meeting of Solidarity, for Democracy, and against Neoliberalism held in the Cuban capital city.

The renowned Cuban intellectual denounced the effects of the domination exerted by the neoliberal machinery on the subjectivity of individuals and its power to dominate the universe of symbols of people.

“The main result of this machinery is the preparation of poor individuals in right-wing nations. These individuals turn against their families, the fate of their children, against themselves, and fellow men and women. And when push comes to shove, politically speaking, they stand for their oppressors who have always crushed them,” he pointed out.

This being so, he urged to create an alternative model to Neoliberalism. In this regard, he noted it is paramount to avoid the omnipresent machinery made up of major media and social networks in the era of Internet.

“The truth is on our side. But today this truth is usually disguised with lies and this is one of the many handicaps we need to avoid,” he emphasized.

The panel also addressed the solidarity with Cuba: the resolution against the economical, commercial, and financial blockade imposed by the U.S. on the island and the importance of denouncing and facing the imperial strategies of domination, especially the political and cultural colonialism.

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