Chile: protests continue

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Chile: protests continue
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29 October 2019
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Under the labels #This is not over and #The constitutional accusation goes, the people of Chile continue today in the streets in rejection of the policies of the government of Sebastián Piñera.

In the cities of Arica, Antofagasta and Valparaíso, barricades and blocked roads are an example of national rejection against the president, who is accused of violating human rights during the mobilization days.

Given the popular pressure, the government raised the State of Emergency in several regions of the country and at the discretion of lawyer Barbara Sepúlveda this is the time to sue those who hit the Chileans with force.

'The time has come to demand the criminal and civil responsibility of all those who acted believing that their freedom to strike, rape, shoot and kill would last forever', Sepulveda wrote in his Twitter account.

For his part, Hugo Gutierrez, a member of the Communist Party, criticized the actions of the Chilean dignitary, who in his words declared war on his own people and brought the armed forces to the streets.

Through a message on Twitter, Gutierrez, one of the 20 deputies who are driving a constitutional accusation against Piñera, repudiated the security forces that 'killed, tortured, shot, massively arrested, all within a State of Exception declared unjustified and illegally'.

'Right is scared. The historical response to social crises has been military violence and now the country defeated it and the armed forces return to their barracks without the 'glory' of having defeated their own people', Gutierrez said in another tweet.

In this sense, Tomás Hirsch, from the Frente Amplio, called on the deputies of other parties to join the constitutional accusation, because in his opinion 'who has generated conditions for the killing and torture of the people must not continue in La Moneda'.

The Unitary Central of Workers of Chile convened a national march next Wednesday against the inequality of the neoliberal model and government policies.

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