Delhi Recorded an All-Time High Temperature at 48 Degrees Celsius

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Delhi Recorded an All-Time High Temperature at 48 Degrees Celsius
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11 June 2019
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New Delhi temperature broke record, when the mercury touched a historical maximum of 48 degrees Celsius in parts of the national capital.

The severe heat waves continue affecting north and central India, with record high temperatures in many cities.

In Uttar Pradesh, Banda was the hottest area on Monday at 49.2 degrees Celsius, seven degrees above normal. In Churu, Rajasthan, temperature recorded at 50.3 degrees Celsius and the Medical Department issued a warning not to go outside, except in emergency situations.

The southwest winds for Tuesday can make the temperature drop one or two marks. However, the heat wave will persist, the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) regional weather forecasting chief, Kuldeep Srivastava, said.

Meteorologists declare a heat wave in large areas when the mercury touches 45 degree Celsius for two consecutive days and a severe heat wave is declared when the temperature rises to 47 degrees Celsius for two days.

For small areas, such as New Delhi, a heat wave is declared if the maximum temperature is recorded at 45 degrees Celsius even for one day, the IMD said.

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