The Only Thing that Works with Iran is Respect,' Iranian FM Said

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The Only Thing that Works with Iran is Respect,' Iranian FM Said
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3 June 2019
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Tehran, June 3 (Prensa Latina) Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammed Yavad Zarif has demanded respect for his nation, which, according to him, it is the only possibility of listening to the other side.

In an interview with ABC TV, broadcast in Tehran on Monday, Zarif passed remarks on the book 'The Art of Agreement', written by Donald Trump, in which the US president describes some trading methods.

It may progress in the market, but not with Iran, Yavad Zarif said, and added that it can be effective with other nations in a short period and not in the long term, 'but not with Iran in a short period, or in the medium and long term. The only thing that really works with Iran is respect', he said.

Zarif warned threats never work with Iran; try with some respect, that can really work, he added.

According to Zarif, Iranians will not lost courage by the art of the agreement pressure, the strategy followed by the US government with sanctions to renegotiate another nuclear agreement.

In any case, he said, there will be serious consequences if the United States holds its economic pressure campaign, which he termed as an economic terrorism that affects the Iranian people.

'If President Trump's objective is to impose pressure on ordinary Iranians, he is certainly getting done', but he will not make up with his political goals by using pressure', he said.

The Iranian FM rejected claims about an alleged Iranian threat to the region and replied that the US Navy is really the one that destabilizes.

'We call this region Persian Gulf for just one reason, it is by our side. We have the right to defend ourselves. What if Iran went to California or Florida coasts', he asked.

The United States, he denounced, is the one sending nuclear warships to our jurisdictional waters, to our region.

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