Venezuela Presents Evidence of Anti-Bolivarian Terrorism

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Venezuela Presents Evidence of Anti-Bolivarian Terrorism
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24 March 2019
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The Venezuelan Minister of Culture unveiled telephone conversations between leaders of the right planning violence against the country.

The government of Venezuela announced the dismantling of a series of violent operations that were intended to be carried out in the country by mercenaries and assassins who entered the Venezuelan territory within the last few weeks.

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The Minister of Communication Jorge Rodriguez, denounced that among these operations included the selective assassination of social and political leaders, through lists of names, sabotage against the metro system and the Caracas cable car,  fake news through media and social networks, a conspiracy of general strikes in the labor sector, an assault on Miraflores Palace (the seat of Government), and false flag terrorist actions.

The Venezuelan politician also said that Central American and Colombian mercenaries and assassins who managed to enter the country, some of whom the government has identified, are being sought and will be arrested "wherever they are."

Rodriguez also revealed a series of tests and detailed telephone conversations involving leaders of the Venezuelan right, such as the lawmaker of the National Assembly -- in contempt since 2016 -- the self-proclaimed Juan Guaido, Leopoldo Lopez, and Freddy Guevara among others, in preparation of terrorist operations against the Venezuelan state.

The government of Nicolas Maduro accused local and international right-wing objectives to move from a strategy of siege through financial asphyxia, to an assault strategy, with the aim of taking power in its entirety or divide the country into two territories.

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