Catalan President Denounces Spain Actions against Referendum

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Catalan President Denounces Spain Actions against Referendum
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1 October 2017
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The president of Catalonia, Carles Puigdemont, today described as brutal and unjustified the police action promoted by the Spanish government against the secessionist referendum that region celebrates this Sunday, despite his suspension by justice.

Speaking to reporters, Puigdemont denounced the irrational and irresponsible use of security forces by the executive of Mariano Rajoy to prevent the unilateral consultation, paralyzed by the Constitutional Court of Spain.

'The exterior image of the Spanish state has continued to worsen and today has reached a level of shame that will accompany it forever,' warned the governor in reference to the police charges carried out by the national armed forces.

Riot troops stormed a school in the city of Girona, where the conservative nationalist leader planned to vote in the self-determination referendum, but several skirmishes erupted the outside the facility between police and citizens.

Scenes of police confrontations against unarmed people were repeated in other parts of the Catalan geography, leaving a balance of 38 injured, according to the Health Council of this autonomous community in the northeast of the country of 7.5 million.

Puigdemont called on the Catalans to respond with new ranks to the facilities set up as centers of suffrage, in response to what he considered the maddened repression of a cowardly Spanish state.

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