Hope results in millions of signatures

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Hope results in millions of signatures
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6 October 2019
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Millions of signatures will be delivered to the UN Secretary-General by Venezuela’s Foreign Minister Delcy Rodriguez in response to the Empire attacks against the Bolivarian nation as well as the threats looming over the regional and world peace. Venezuela, nonetheless, still represents hope.

In March 2015, the U.S. president Barack Obama declared the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela “a threat to the national security of his country” by presidential order. It was so serious on a par with unbelievable, that it would have been a funny statement if such decision would not turn into a pivotal moment in the U.S. policy towards the South American country and its revolutionary process.

Millions of Venezuelans and people of good will all around the world rejected the decree and began a process of signature collection drive supporting the campaign whose message ratified that Venezuela was not a threat to no one or anything, on the contrary, “Venezuela is Hope.” Millions of Cubans signed as well.

Few days after the issuing of the decree, the Cuban Five, who had returned home in 2014, traveled to the sister nation for the first time. It was there, in Venezuela, where they fled the flag of solidarity by rejecting such ridiculous accusations that the U.S. government would utilize then to justify in far-fetched ways, the attacks against the Bolivarian Revolution.

The Cuban Five also met some of the Cuban collaborators who worked in different states of the sister nation. They signed against Obama’s decree. In one of those magical exchange of opinions, Rene Gonzalez said:

“I see you here and I see raw talent dressed in white coats, in red jerseys, or formal clothes singing beautifully. I do see a huge threat. We are a terrible threat. There are millions of people who are going to be freed from illiteracy, unhealthiness; people destined to be consumed so others can profit from consumption, and our people will free all of them and will make them feel human beings; (our people) will make them claim their rights, dignity, the right to live. Therefore, on behalf of those you are going to free, I show my gratitude and I ask you to strengthen such a threat!”

These days, the U.S. attacks against Venezuela and our collaborators seem to reach excessive dimensions as well as the aggressive media campaign unleashed in some countries, the U.S. economical and financial blockade against Cuba remaining in full force, solidarity is again holding up the flags.

Meanwhile, in this rebel and heroic island, people help each other to overcome hardship. We also show our commitment to the truth and justice to say that Cuba and Venezuela embrace hope. Hence, schools and workplaces, neighborhoods, companies, and factories, people in general signed again supporting Chavez and Bolivar’s motherland with the same conviction and energy with which we defend and support one of our owns.

Perhaps your signature, or mine, your name or your co-worker’s, remain unknown. Perhaps the battlefield to solve this domestic affair will not be the UN, or the letters sent to the Secretary-General, or the many injustices perpetrated in several parts of the world, which Cubans have learned firsthand.

Signing for Venezuela is like signing for your dignity; for championing who we are; for our historical memory; for ratifying ourselves in the same side of those who profess love and show gratitude; for sharing everything we have; for being HOPE no matter what.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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