Why is Cuba in a better position, compared with the “Special Period,” to face present challenges?

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Why is Cuba in a better position, compared with the “Special Period,” to face present challenges?
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12 September 2019
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Cuban President Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez detailed on Wednesday in a special TV appearance the strengths of the island to overcome the ongoing economic adversities, derive from the aggressive policy of the United States, especially under Donald Trump’s administration, and refuted the idea we are experiencing another Special Period in times of peace.

To face such difficult conditions “we have an economic and social development strategy adopted in the last two Party Congresses,” a conceptualized economic and social model to which we aspire and defend. The foundations are laid to elaborate an economic and social development plan until 2030 and keep moving forward long term.

According to the Cuban President, we are in much better conditions since:

- We approved a new Constitution, which is being implemented already.

- The vast majority of the population support and trust the leaders of our Communist Party.

- Cuba produces 40% of its oil consumption, nonexistent in the Special Period in times of peace and guarantees that our power plants —fundamental core of our electricity generation— can work properly.

- The development attained by tourism, exceeding the 70 thousand rooms despite the blockade, which ensures significant income in convertible currencies.

-We have the export of services, an example of it is the health sector.

-Foreign investment has grown as a dynamic factor in our economy, especially in nickel, in oil, in mining, in tourism, at Mariel Special Development Zone, in the food and the tobacco industry.

-Despite the worsening of the blockade, the main investors in the island have remained.

-An economy which is more present in the international market, where the development tourism and the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry are strengths.

-The country now has greater construction capabilities, in hydraulic networks, transportation, and communications. There are also the infrastructure and reserves we have in storage and import substitution.

-Cuba has diversified its economic, commercial and financial relations, with Venezuela, Russia, China, Vietnam, as well as with the European Union, with the entire area of ​​Latin America and the Caribbean, with countries in Africa...

-We have private businesses as complement to state activity, this sector has grown strong.

"Cuba is far from being isolated, we are indeed a country that the world sees with awe and respect," said Diaz-Canel.

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