Of what use is the United Nations?

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Of what use is the United Nations?
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23 May 2019
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The assault carried out against the embassy of Venezuela in Washington had some resemblance to those executed by Hitler’s SS during WWII.

As we know, it occurred on Thursday and the police surrounding the place did not do a thing to stop it.

Conversely, as some witness confirmed, policemen behaved as supplement in the operation.

Four of the U.S. pacifists who had endured the attacks for more than a month without water or food, were arrested.

An impressive repressive force was necessary to remove them from the embassy.

It was revealed that such force was publicly supported by men under the authority of “self-proclaimed” President Juan Guaidó, and led by the U.S. Department of State.

It has been so wild that a storm of criticism has flooded the international media.

Most converge in the idea that it is an indelible stain in the diplomatic history of the United States.

It is also the grave of the Vienna Convention on the law of Treaties, which came into effect on January 27, 1980.

The termination of guarantees for diplomatic and consular relations in U.S. soil.

A far-reaching stain in the history of its foreign policy.

They chose to protect a non-elected puppet who sells his soul cheap.

To highlight the image of Reverend Jesse Jackson bringing water and food for those heroic activists.

Hence, José Martí stated for every age:

“When there are many men lacking decency, there are always others who have in themselves. They are the ones who rebel with terrible force…”

It happened few hours ago as if we were talking about Hitler’s SS, so the question seems legit:

Of what use is the United Nations?

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi translation Staff

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