EMP Attacks: U.S. Defends itself while Attacking Venezuela

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EMP Attacks: U.S. Defends itself while Attacking Venezuela
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4 April 2019
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The sabotages against the electric system seek to shot down the resistance of the Venezuelan people.

Prove that EMP attacks are not a thing of sci-fi movies has been offered by the president of the United States, Donald Trump, when signing this Tuesday an executive order to protect the North American technology and infrastructure of electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attacks.

The order, named "Coordination of the national resilience to electromagnetic pulses" instructs federal agencies to identify the threats presented by EMP military attacks that completely or partially destroy electric and electronic devices within their action radius with emissions of high-intensity electromagnetic energy and radiation.

"President Trump will always do what’s necessary to keep Americans safe", wrote the White House spokeswoman, Sarah Sanders, in an official statement. She also highlighted that this measure is an example on “How the Government keeps the promise of being alert against current dangers and future threats".

But while president Trump keeps Americans safe from EMPs, others don't seem to be that lucky. That seems to be the case of the string of sabotages carried out against the electric system of Venezuela which, according to accusations of the Government has been the victim of such attacks.

According to a report of Telesurtv, regarding the electric sabotage on March 7th, the President of that country affirmed that "the recent attack to Venezuela is high-level "technology that only the U.S. Government have(…) they produce electromagnetic attacks against broadcasting lines" and interrupt repeatedly the process to reconnect the different stations."

As it has already become habitual in the media and psychological war against Venezuela, again, the killer becomes the victim. As right now Cuba is the realm of bad that has invaded hundreds of times countries of Latin America, and China and Russia invented the Monroe doctrine and the manifest destiny, North Americans protect the technology they implement in Venezuela to defeat the people creating voids and start a civil war that justifies their "humanitarian" intervention.

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