The U.S. in Syria: to “stabilize” crime

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The U.S. in Syria: to “stabilize” crime
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30 March 2019
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Trump does not care he could not overthrow Bashar al-Assad’s government. He does not care his mercenaries and terrorists could not defeat the Syrian Arab Army either: what really matters to him is to continue destroying the infrastructure of the Arab nation, collaborating with his faithful ally Israel to wipe out Lebanese patriots, and avoiding the freedom of the Syrian Golan.

There are many more reasons behind a juicy military budget, higher and higher each year, which helps to maintain the U.S. war industry and not leaving behind an image of defeat, which is real and unstoppable.

The U.S. President had already announced —several times— the withdrawal of the troops. He even ventured to say that Russia, Iran, and Turkey did not want the U.S. marines to go as they were the only ones who could hold and defeat the Islamic States terrorists, pawns created by the Empire itself. They were groups trained and formed by the CIA carrying out summary executions, sacrificing themselves as the ultimate weapon —only the “soldiers” of course— causing several civilian casualties.

The American President is referred to as being mad, trivial, etc…But everything is a comedy where he perfectly plays his role.

It can be inferred in every withdrawal announcement, only to wind back again. He always “ends up” making concessions to those who suggest that a withdrawal of American troops would only trigger instability, when in fact it is the complete opposite.

Moreover, some aides say that it would be a sign of weakness before the presence of Russian troops, which is false as Moscow has its sole military base in foreign soil in Syria and has been only part of air strikes while the Syrian army is responsible of military ground actions and occupying abandoned territories left behind by the enemy.

In one way or the other, the U.S. has settled ten military bases of varied proportions in Syria with an undefined boundary line.

Washington has provided shelter to ISIS terrorists as Al Nusra’s criminals are being protected as well in the province of Idleb. The U.S. is training mercenaries and opposition fighters in the launching of a chemical attack to blame Damasco.

It all happens amid the context of a 40,000-men army to, they say, bring peace to the country they have attacked successively.

In Trump’s most recent call of not withdrawing the troops, Senators Lindsey Graham, South Carolina, and Cuban-born Marcos Rubio, Florida, held great influence over the head of state, as well as General Joseph Dundan, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, who suggested the President that there was still a great deal to be done. Therefore, the presence of U.S. troops will last longer, no matter the announcement of a withdrawal.

Thus, the United States, while stabilizing crime, get what they want even though an all-out victory has not been reached so far.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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