OAS and the fear of Cubans voting YES

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OAS and the fear of Cubans voting YES
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14 February 2019
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Last Tuesday, the OAS (Organization of American States) organized in its headquarter in Washington another show aimed at discrediting the Constitutional referendum to be held in Cuba next February 24th.

Having the OAS a hissy fit is, to some extent, a very good sign because you do not make a scene for legit processes, as rotten processes discredit themselves. That is why I believe those who are pulling the strings of this organization from the White House are pretty sure that the Cuban people are going to vote a resounding YES to the new Constitution.

It is no secret that the Cuban Revolution has survived all these years to the perennial siege of the empire thanks to the support of the citizens to a socialist democracy that prefers the benefits of the vast majority and champions the sovereignty and independence of the nation.

The Cuban democracy is the polar opposite of coup d’états, invasions, massive repressions similar to the times of Operation Condor, interference in the internal affairs of other nations, neoliberalism or inequality and other democratic practices promoted by the OAS throughout history.

It is reasonable that such organization tries hard to undermine the democracy in Cuba especially if we take into account Cuba’s democracy has nothing to do with the bipartisan plutocracy prevailing in the U.S., which champions the 1% of the world population or the sort of democracy the U.S. likes to see in Latin American countries whose main precept is the unconditional loyalty.

The best example of the aforementioned fact is the constant attack of the OAS against Venezuela, being the latter the nation with the highest number of democratic elections in the last two decades. However, social progress, solidarity, and Latin American integration are not part of the OAS concept of democracy.

The OAS “democratic” fairy tale is a fancy story for innocent and misled citizens of the world narrated by a band of cynical people who have filled their coffers for centuries by expropriating the natural resources of South American nations. It would be totally anti-democratic for the OAS if the people in Latin American open their eyes and realize they have been robbed.

Hence, it comes as no surprise that those heading the OAS in Washington are terrified with the strong possibility of the Cuban people voting YES and supporting their Revolution on February 24th. Such election would show that a world without an imperial master is perfectly possible and people can build a democracy to their benefits and master their own destiny.

Despite the growing impact of the right in Latin America and other regions of the world, the liberating alternative of Cuba is and will continue to be utopia transformed into reality; the antidote against the venom of trickeries of the self-proclaimed masters of the world.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz/CubaSi Translation Staff

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