Skeletons Unearthed at the White House

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Skeletons Unearthed at the White House
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4 December 2018
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Ongoing chaos and plots have been gradually surfaced there.

The New York Times, under the signature of journalist Paul Krugman, joined the wave of modest disclosures in this regard.

He wrote an op-ed article entitled: Truth and Virtue in the Age of Trump.

Krugman added in his article that along with the midterm elections, Trump awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Miriam Adelson, wife of casino owner and Trump megadonor Sheldon Adelson.

This medal is an acknowledgement of an extraordinary achievement.

Her charitable activities were not the actual reason of such award, the journalist noted, but the benefits it brings to Trumps and his friends.

And he adds, there is no heroism, no good work, except those that serve the President.

The President, the journalist reported, “lies in public more than 100 times each week.”

But his assault on truth goes deeper than the frequency of his lies, because Trump and his allies don’t accept the very notion of objective facts.

“Fake news,” wrote Kurgman, does not mean actual false reporting; it means any report that hurts Trump.

And conversely, any assertion that helps Trump is true precisely because it helps him.

A very crystal-clear example is the attempt by Trump and his party to shut down the legally mandated Florida recount with claims, based on no evidence, of large-scale voting fraud.

Hence, the Times op-ed article states there is a clear addiction from a sector of the Republican Party to conspiracy theories.

In Trumpland, the country of that Party now, the good and the evil depend only on what serve or not Trump’s interests.

Therefore, Trump attacks and insults our closest allies while praising brutal dictators who flatter him (and declares neo-Nazis “very fine people”).

And the same goes for heroism and cowardice.

Meanwhile, Miriam Adelson, whose service to the nation basically consists of giving Trump campaign contributions, gets the Presidential Medal of Freedom.

Let’s never forget how Republicans denigrated John Kerry’s war record.

All of these mean that everything happening is the U.S. is not the usually known policy.

The article of the New York Times sets down some dark warnings, tough to not be taken seriously:

A potential authoritarian movement try to consolidate power and reject any opposition and even critics as these are not legitimate.

And reiterates U.S. democracy is seriously compromised.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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