What the Cuban People Demonstrated

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What the Cuban People Demonstrated
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3 May 2018
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The enemy, its allies and those who domestically pander them were on embers this past May 1st, they were hoping a lack of support to the Revolution and just the opposite occurred. Their hopes disappear in a mist of smoke.  

The people, that which they don’t know at all and which they attempt to substitute by hired mercenaries, gave them another lesson of unity and commitment. They were left with the desires.  

Domestic enemies, those who are used to saying that we are hopeless, indifferent and exhausted, once again their appreciations were mistaken. Against the images broadcasted, the millions of articles filled with lies and naivety neither the opinions of make-believe leaders or intellectuals who sold their pens and thoughts to devious causes are worthless, everything collapses before that tide of people that in the entire country have demonstrated their support to the Revolution.  

What will say now those who have no rights and attempt to speak on behalf of the people and make demands that don't match with the fair goals of the people, those who try to make believe that their personal interests are those of the majority? They just have to acknowledge and remain silent.  

Those who raise up as advocates on behalf of everyone else, perhaps now they can understand that, for the continuity and development of our social project the essential ones are those that without having the high life standards they show, walked by the Revolution Square, that majority that is not tired and will never get tired of having dignity, independence and a homeland of their own. The same majority that in its hands has the capacity not only to assert problems and mistakes, but also of solving them. Perhaps many, perhaps most of them, can’t write in internet, but they do write daily pages of heroism with their work without boasting of intelligence, and together with their dreams they haven’t allowed anyone to steal, they keep pulling our homeland into the future.

The May 1st parade has constituted an example of the Revolution’s strength, it has shown why Cuba, without nuclear weapons, with a population under 11 and half million inhabitants, without large natural resources, a small island, in a globalized world, without having the military power and the economic potential that today determines the influence capacity of nations, be so influential, admired, followed and lover worldwide.  

The intense strength radiating from their moral example, of unity, of endurance and victory against the hostility and blockade of the greatest empire humanity has known, it cannot be counteracted with media campaigns, neither made invisible in the very face of the countries that see us as a beacon of hope, it can’t be destroyed with weapons, that makes feel powerless those who are against us.  

Those who are tired, the skeptic ones, the hopeless, the dark preachers of pessimism and those who think themselves as owners of the absolute truth step aside, you are not the people. The Cuban people is the one who has carried out this feat that is the Revolution, a true epic poem written with the blood and sacrifice of the best sons of this land. This feat that will close inexorably with the achievement of a prosperous and sustainable socialism, moment that will mark the definitive victory over all our enemies.

Cubasi Translation Staff/ Amilkal Labañino Valdés

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