May Day: Signs of a patriotic day

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May Day: Signs of a patriotic day
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30 April 2018
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I asked a teenager about the significance of May Day for Cuba and without hesitation, he replied: “patriotism.” And that is the essence of the people’s engagement in our International Workers’ Day.

Nonetheless, this date does not only summon the working class, but also the family, young people, students, and the kids.

A sea of people always met in Paseo Avenue, in Havana. It has become a tradition and many citizens like to camp the night before and therefore, make a party out of the celebration day.

As it has occurred some other times, the Education bloc will open the parade (around 50,000 people). Young people from different schools —Institutes for Education Training, educators in kindergarten as well as sports legends— will lead the parade as a symbolic and well-deserved fact that places atop the education workers, responsible for training new generations.

As part of the tributes paid to the date, there have been taking place patriotic activities in different municipalities, as well as the compliance of production planning and union dues. Facilities restoration and renovation are some of the others activities carried out.

Cuba is ready to portray once again a beautiful image to the world. For the second time, we will not have among us our Commander in Chief Fidel Castro —inspiring and leading figure for millions of Cubans and people around the world.

That day, Raul Castro —the General-President, as historian Eusebio Leal usually calls him— will not preside over the parade as Head of State. This time he will be the First Secretary of the Cuba Communist Party.

Miguel Diaz-Canel Bermudez, President of the Council of State and Minister, will wave at a crowd that as it has happened before, will carry the Cuban flag as well as giant posters and other graphic expressions supporting the process.

The Revolution continues its historical path. This May Day will be a resounding defeat for those who thought that the struggle started in 1868, resumed by Jose Marti in 1895 and accomplished by Fidel in 1959, would come to an end once the historical leaders were not leading the country.

The Cuban people have been loyal to the nation’s ideals, Jose Marti’s doctrines, Fidel’s thought and his concept of Revolution (came to life precisely in a speech delivered by him on May 1st 2000).

The move from one generation to another has not implied any setback or change. Young people have assumed the commitment of continuing the legacy of former heroes of the nation. The Revolution will not go back to the past thanks to its humanitarian nature and social justice.

The May Day is already making headlines in Cuba. Several plenary sessions have been carried out so far. Workers and union leaders have met and promoted initiatives that will be held in different municipalities.

We will enjoy a memorable day tomorrow as tribute to our Commander in Chief and several other heroes. On December 22, 1961, the crowd gathered in the Revolution Square confirmed Fidel: “Fidel, tell us what comes next!” This May Day the message will certainly be the same. The path is already set.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz / CubaSi Translation Staff

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