Central Park: A Symbol in Havana

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Central Park: A Symbol in Havana
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25 January 2018
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“Central Park full of people,” Silvio sang once. Central Park, full of the remains of the glory of its best days, now rekindles little by little with the luxury and movement caused by Hotel Gran Manzana Kempinski or the elegant National Ballet of Cuba at the Havana’s Grand Theater Alicia Alonso.

Central Park surrounded by traditional music, carriages that are old history in some places, but are still functional here.

Everything lives and trembles in the surroundings of the square along with Jose Marti, who is also alive and trembles since that date of February 24th 1905, in the same spot where the statue of Elizabeth II was raised.

In front of the statue of Jose Marti sculpted by Jose Vilalta de Saavedra, a Haitian delegation paid tribute to those ideas that could not be thrown into oblivion on May 19th 1895. Central Park full of flowers.

Translated by Sergio A. Paneque Diaz // CubaSi Translation Staff

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