Entrepreneur is not synonym of freelancing

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Entrepreneur is not synonym of freelancing
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12 June 2016
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To be an entrepreneur is not synonym of freelancing. All of us need to undertake projects so we can overcome certain obstacles. We need to grow in search of our own welfare.

I was enthusiastic about writing on this specific subject since I heard Obama talking about the term entrepreneur again and again.

Not long time ago, Professor Calvino gave me one last push in his TV program Vale la Pena.

I agree with this well-known psychologist when he notes that being entrepreneur is much more than running a business. It means to be innovative and have your own critical view of things. It also means to look for a change to improve, to persevere, and to have self-confidence.

Calvino also points out in his program that being entrepreneur meant to overcome obstacles and “fight against problems” as well. And it has lots of logic since everything new is not well seen and some people make difficult its start-up.

There are some entrepreneurs. As a matter of fact, we need more. Entrepreneur is to fight against bureaucratism from your job, and beat an army of annoying individuals trying to discourage you from any front. If this person does not give up, then he IS an entrepreneur.

Entrepreneurs are the people who innovate on daily basis. They go deep into scientific researches looking for the truth, answers and solutions.

I know a man who has spent more than 10 years with a project knocking doors. It is a sickle-bush cutting machine, very well-designed. Simultaneously, the sickle bush reigns in our countryside and some minds.

Bertolt Bretch once said: “There are men who fight one day and are good. There are men who fight one year and are better. There are some who fight many years and they are better still. But there are some that fight their whole lives; these are the ones that are indispensable”. This quote seems to be referring to entrepreneurs. Professor Calvino goes beyond and states that there are freelancers who are not entrepreneurs.

Cuba does not need entrepreneurs in small businesses since they will never become major driver of Cuban economy.

Calvino admitted that entrepreneurship needs favorable conditions to succeed. We must educate and teach entrepreneurship.

“An education that leads to change”, said the psychologist. I also join such statement.

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