South Korea recommends preventing use of electronic cigarettes

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South Korea recommends preventing use of electronic cigarettes
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24 October 2019
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The South Korean Health Ministry recommended preventing the use of electronic cigarettes, and said that it will take measures to regulate their sales, due to growing health risks.

Health and Welfare Minister Park Neung-ho explained that those devices contain liquid nicotine and can cause serious diseases, even death, as shown by recent cases in the United States.

The South Korean official, who was quoted by Yonhap news agency, noted the need to tighten regulations in Parliament for products related to electronic cigarettes.

Meanwhile, the Government will limit imports of liquid nicotine and will take measures against the sales and promotion of illegal tobacco-related products.

In that regard, it will demand that producers and importers submit documents on the components of the electronic cigarettes, and comply with stricter regulations on the materials.

South Korea sells 36 types of electronic cigarettes from 11 companies, but other similar non-regulated products circulate illegally in the country.

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