Without Exemption in Times of Pandemic

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Without Exemption in Times of Pandemic
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13 May 2020
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Any theft, any crime, is disgusting, but more in these unprecedented and difficult times.

Therefore, it’s outrageous to anger anyone to know that someone dares to steal food from elders who eat in community dining room or in a nursing home, who steals personal protection equipment from doctors, or surgical instruments or spare parts from medical equipment, trying to profit by reselling food to people in need, or who, by neglect or daring, put many at risk.

Therefore, the denunciations ran at the National News Reel are very good, as well as the trials that the TV show Hacemos Cuba also began to run on television.

If those who act like this have no shame, neither soul, with them there is no need to have an ounce of mercy or consideration. The repercussions of these acts are so large that they threaten life itself.

Therefore, publishing their faces, their names, the sanctions passed on them, is the least to be done.

In addition, in some cases we have to stop and think that thieves did not come from outside, but were workers from those places. The old saying "sleeping with the enemy" without knowing it’s more than troublesome.

Other questions had to be asked here: how did managers guarantee the care and control of these assets? Who supervised the warehouse foremen, drivers and others involved in these despicable acts?

The president of the criminal court at the Supreme Court, magistrate Otto Molina Rodríguez, interviewed by Humberto López in Hacemos Cuba, explained that among the main criminal felonies related to the current situation were:

-Spread of epidemic



-Illegal economic activities



-Attacks (against inspectors or workers; members of mass, or social organizations; students who collaborated in the programs, epidemiological campaigns, or police personnel, in the line of duty).

-Possession of stolen goods

There can be no truce against all of those, whose acts become more outrageous by contrasting them with so many Cubans who are sacrificing themselves for the common good, from health personnel, the other workers who are still in their jobs, the millions who are right now orderly keeping the necessary social isolation.

Those who commit this felonies are as harmful as the new coronavirus, with the aggravating circumstance that, unlike SARS-CoV-2, its lethality is its conscientious, especially those whose desire for easy money makes them perfect scoundrels. How else can someone who steals surgical masks from a warehouse qualify?

That all the weight of the law falls on those shoulders and that details of sanctions and sanctions continue to be disclosed. That, and that law enforcement officers, inspectors, and also the inflexibility, and awareness of citizens in general, because we are all victims of these criminals.

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