UN: Double standards affect fight against terror

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UN: Double standards affect fight against terror
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8 July 2020
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United Nations, Jul 8 (Prensa Latina) Double standards and the use for political purposes of something as serious as terrorism affect the fight against this scourge and prevent today a concerted global action to end the growing threats.
This is one of the approaches defended by the delegation of Venezuela participating in the Virtual Week against Terrorism at the UN, and which is supported by several Latin American nations such as Cuba and Nicaragua.

According to Carlos Ron, Venezuela's deputy foreign minister for North America, told Prensa Latina, the U.S. government is behind many aggressions against his nation and others in the area.

All this is part of a continuous policy whose purpose is, through terror and pressure, to bring about a change in those nations whose political systems do not match with them, he stressed.

'The United States, which has historically protected terrorists of the stature of Luis Posada Carriles, has neither the morale nor the power to evaluate any country's fight against terrorism,' he said.

This is what the deputy minister said in reference to the inclusion of Cuba and Venezuela on the U.S. State Department's list of nations that allegedly do not fully cooperate with anti-terrorism efforts.

For years, Washington has been collaborating with violent groups, both in Cuba and Venezuela, that are seeking power through unconstitutional means.

Cuba's alternate permanent representative to the UN, Ana Silvia Rodriguez, also rejected the unilateral and arbitrary inclusion of the island on the US State Department's list of countries that allegedly do not fully cooperate with anti-terrorist efforts.

The scourge of terrorism, she stressed, cannot be eradicated if double standards, manipulation, political opportunism and selectivity in dealing with it prevail. She also denounced that the speeches and messages of hate promoted by the United States Government encourage terrorist actions against Cuba.

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