UEFA confirm rule changes ahead of Champion leagues

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UEFA confirm rule changes ahead of Champion leagues
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5 August 2020
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Nyon, Switzerland, Aug 5 (Prensa Latina) The Union of European Football Assosiation (UEFA) has confirmed it will be adopting some new rules for competitions this week and next season, especially in penalty kicks.
In a statement, UEFA has ratified the change to rule 14 to clarify that an offence (encroachment) by the goalkeeper is not penalised if a penalty kick misses the goal or rebounds from the goal (without a touch from the goalkeeper) unless the offence clearly affected the kicker.

In addition, the goalkeeper is warned for the first offence; it is a yellow card for any further offence(s); while the kicker is penalised if the goalkeeper and the kicker offend at exactly the same time.

'Most goalkeeper encroachment results from a mis-anticipation from the goalkeeper and small offences are now detected more with the technology, with the video assistant referee,' explained UEFA chief referee Roberto Rosetti.

The change in Rule 10 sets down that the games that require a penalty shootout, yellow cards will no longer be carried forward into the shootout. This applies to all players but is particularly relevant to goalkeepers, who face more scrutiny during the shootout.

Rosetti said: 'According to IFAB and according to the Laws of the Game, the kicks from the penalty mark are not part of the match - it's just a way to determine the winner of the match. So, [at the moment] if the goalkeeper has a yellow card from the match – from the match or from extra time – and then encroaches in the kicks from the penalty mark, of course, then he must be sent off. This would be more likely to occur now with VAR, and the goalkeeper can be penalised more than other players. We think that this is a good, important change.'

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