Trump's attempt to resurrect failed Cuba policies criticized

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Trump's attempt to resurrect failed Cuba policies criticized
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2 July 2020
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Washington, July 2 (RHC)-- Some analysts, politicians and U.S. diplomats consider the approach of the government of President Donald Trump towards Cuba to be a hollow imitation of policies that failed in the United States for almost 60 years.

This is the opinion of those who, while seeking a break with the island's socio-political project, differ with the current methods of the White House against the Caribbean island.

In this sense, Ambassador Jeffrey DeLaurentis, who headed Washington's legation in Havana between 2014 and 2017, stated that 'the hypocrisy of the administration is impressive.'  Assessing five years later the renewed links between the two countries, which the United States unilaterally broke in the 1960s, DeLaurentis said it is as if the Trump administration had rewinded history.

In that sense, he listed some of Trump's coercive measures against the Cuban people, which he warned, will surely "come with similar, little or no justification between now and the November elections."

He criticized those who seek to promote the policy of 'maximum pressure' on Cuba, which they know will not lead to the change of regime they defend and, on the contrary, he admitted, it strengthens the island.

However, they continue along this path, trying to manipulate an important political block that is understandably frustrated and impatient for the change they are seeking for the Caribbean country, he said.  In fact, what is being developed, he said, is an irresponsible approach based not on U.S. national interests but on domestic politics.

He recalled that between 2015 and January 2017 "we re-established diplomatic relations, opened embassies, signed 23 agreements and initiated 17 dialogues that would improve the security and well-being of both countries."

Where is the dialogue now, he asked himself when expressing his assurance that anyone who thinks of his country "being compensated through a Title III Helms-Burton claim is dreaming."

The article published in the Miami Herald under the title 'Five years later, US-Cuba diplomatic relations are a disaster,' makes it clear that DeLaurentis disagrees with Trump's formulas, because "in 2014, President Barack Obama asked how we can continue to do the same and expect a different outcome."

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