Solidarity with Cuba grows, condeming U.S. blockade

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Solidarity with Cuba grows, condeming U.S. blockade
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26 May 2020
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Cuba added more demands against the U.S. blockade, on a day when there were more demonstrations of solidarity and recognition for the work of their internationalist doctors.

The Belgrade Serbian-Cuban Friendship Association issued a statement recalling that since 1962, Cuba has been facing the brutal siege imposed by Washington which has caused incalculable damage to its economic development, as well as to the prosperity of Cuban society in general.

Meanwhile, political and social organizations based in the Netherlands also condemned the inclusion of Cuba on Washington's unilateral list of countries that do not cooperate against terrorism, which they described as "illegal and false."

"We support peaceful Cuba and join the repudiation by various actors in the world of the spurious certification, based on falsehoods, slander and the hostile agenda of President Donald Trump's administration towards the island," according to a joint statement of the New Dutch Communist Party (NCPN) and the Ethiopian-Cuban Community in Europe.

For her part, the Chargé d'Affaires of the Cuban Embassy in Liberia, Mercedes Martínez Herrera, thanked on Monday the support of Africa in her country's fight against the commercial and financial blockade imposed by the United States.

The official acknowledged the unanimous support of the governments, leaders and peoples of the region for the fight against that blockade, including the vote in favor of the elimination of that policy within the African Union and the United Nations General Assembly.



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