Online photo contest to mark World Environment Day

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Online photo contest to mark World Environment Day
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3 June 2020
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The provincial Office of the Cuban Ministry of Science, Technology and the Environment in western Pinar del Rio, is calling on those interested to participate in a new online photo contest on occasion of World Environment Day -- observed every year on June 5.

With the motto ‘safeguarding biological diversity’, amateur and experienced photographers alike are being asked to send their works that better reflect a balanced and harmonious relationship between the urban areas they live in and the surrounding natural landscapes.

Awards will also be granted in the category of protected areas, with contestants being asked to send works that reflect initiatives in their respective communities toward enhancing and preserving sustainable environmental development and mitigating climate hazards.

A jury, made up of renowned Cuban experts in diverse disciplines within environmental science will grant up to three prizes in each category, taking into account originality of the works, image quality and the environmental values reflected.

Works must be sent by e-mail in JPG format to the following addresses: &

Date line is June 30th, 2020.

Western Pinar del Río province was chosen to host this year’s national event on World Environmental Day in recognition of the sustained environmental work of local entities, institutions and the population.


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