Israeli jets strike Hamas targets in Gaza after ‘rocket attack’

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Israeli jets strike Hamas targets in Gaza after ‘rocket attack’
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3 August 2020
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Israeli fighter jets carried out strikes on Hamas facilities in the Gaza Strip after a “rocket” was fired from the enclave towards the Jewish state, its military said on Monday. Israel said on Sunday night that a “projectile” fired from Hamas-controlled Gaza had been intercepted by its Iron Dome anti-rocket system.

It was the first to be fired from the Palestinian coastal enclave since the first week of July, according to the Israeli Army.

In response, fighter jets and aircraft “just struck subterranean Hamas terror facilities in Gaza,” the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement.

A spokesperson for the regional council of Shaar Hanegev, the area where the sirens sounded, said the projectile launched from Gaza had not caused any damage or casualties, AFP reports.

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