Cuban president says the island will strengthen epidemiological control

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Cuban president says the island will strengthen epidemiological control
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5 July 2020
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Cuba will strengthen epidemiological control at its borders as recovery to the new normality advances, said President Miguel Díaz-Canel.

"During the first stage, the procedure for the arrival of travelers includes the collection of PCR samples," added the president at the daily meeting of the highest authorities of the government to analyze the control and evolution of the coronavirus SARS-Cov-2, which caused the COVID-19.

The strengthening of human resources and the infrastructure for medical care in the country's hotel plant is vital for the recovery, particularly in the facilities of the North and South Cayes of the archipelago, which have been open to international tourism since July 1st.

As of Phase Three, with the opening of all ports and airports, the protocol establishes a quarantine period for Cuban travelers and immigrants.  That implies, said the head of state, that hospitals dedicated to the management of COVID-19 and the centers for suspects, contacts and travelers must be determined, and they must also be certified by the Ministry of Public Health.

Diaz-Canel indicated that he will continue working to strengthen the intensive care units, with all the experience gained in the country and those contributed by the returning medical brigades.

Likewise, he added, the project to produce pulmonary ventilation equipment and other means must be followed by the national industry and the company Biocubafarma.

In addition, the application of advances in SUMA technology in relation to the diagnosis of the virus must be maintained, as well as attention to the protocols of regenerative therapies for the treatment of patients with illnesses that are a consequence of the virus.

As the Caribbean country advances in its recovery from the epidemic, all the provinces in phase two, with the exception of Havana and Matanzas, the president indicated to continue working with all rigor, with all demands, without disregarding any of the elements and decisions that have been taken.

To date, Cuba has accumulated 2,369 patients with the new coronavirus, of which only 54 remain confirmed, 96.3 percent with stable clinical evolution. 


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