Cuban president reaffirms pride in healthcare workers

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Cuban president reaffirms pride in healthcare workers
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14 July 2020
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Cuban President Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez said he was proud of the Caribbean nation's health workers who faced the COVID-19 in other countries.  "Proud of our heroes in the confrontation with COVID-19.  Solidarity, commitment, love," the president wrote on his Twitter account.

The day before, the head of state and Prime Minister Manuel Marrero welcomed the 52 members of the Henry Reeve contingent, who returned to the Caribbean nation after fighting SARS CoV-2 in Andorra, Nicaragua and Antigua Barbuda.

Díaz-Canel described the meeting as emotional, and the members of the medical brigades as "worthy sons and daughters of the country, who demonstrate the value of solidarity; they deny and crush the imperial intention to discredit" that aid which the Caribbean island provides.

On behalf of the first secretary of the Cuban Communist Party, Raul Castro, and of the government and the people, the president conveyed the respect and affection for the work done by these men and women.

The specialists worked both in direct attention to patients, and in counseling and training of human resources.  In general, they provided 67,609 medical services and contributed to the recovery of 870 patients; they applied 78,683 nursing procedures and saved 119 lives.

Another relevant aspect was their contribution to the training of 1,792 health workers.


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