A Cuban Doctor in Andorra: «Cuba is not what the Media Says»

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A Cuban Doctor in Andorra: «Cuba is not what the Media Says»
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1 June 2020
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Andorra is not his first mission. He was in Bolivia before, then in Venezuela and again in Bolivia, where he was caught in the coup d'état and there he lived next to his colleagues from the Cuban Medical Mission, one of the most challenging and difficult experiences of his life, until he returned to Cuba.

What Dr. Edelsy Delgado Díaz, ICU specialist at the Gustavo Adolfo Aldereguía Lima hospital in Cienfuegos, never imagined is that in April of this year he would be called to join the Cuban brigade that would fight Covid-19 in the small state of Andorra, and despite the few weeks he has been there, he already qualifies it as one of the most touching experiences in his almost 45 years.

When contacted via WhatsApp, his first words were, without hesitation, for the people of Cuba: "First of all, I’m sending a warm greeting to all our people, their leaders, and congratulate the results obtained in the combat against this pandemic: Covid 19. Greetings to all our relatives who without them and their support the mission would be harder, my regards to my coworkers at the Cienfuegos hospital ».

Then he confirmed me with satisfaction that collaborators of the Brigade in Andorra all have an excellent state of health, none is sick, they have high risk awareness, they comply with all the security measures needed in the different wards and are supervised in addition, by the direction of the brigade and the hospital where they work.

What has this experience meant in your professional career and as a human being, and how do you value the welcoming you have received from the work you do there?

We have had a welcome from the staff in Andorra that far exceeds our expectations if we consider that it’s our first experience in a first world country and when you really work deeper you find a vulnerable human being just like in other societies, an industry and a technological development oriented to consumption and not to the individual.

"The scarce time the individual in this society has is used by the media to plant him precisely that, a completely biased knowledge of the reality in which he lives and as soon as they come into contact with a Cuban medical brigade two doubts come afloat: first, Cuba is not what the media say and second, they begin to question their own system. We are really pleased, the task assigned to us is a unique experience and we are fighting to live up to Cuba and live up to the Revolution. ”

"What is the hospital like, and how is the job?"

In the hospital we have had an excellent response of workers, in my case in particular of the Intensive Care Service where they value our training in the specialty, as well as the way in which we focus each health problem on the critically ill patient . On the other hand, it’s a very high-tech hospital, state-of-the-art technology that works through computer systems in which you need to have a little more basic knowledge in relation to these systems and we have been in charge of training every day with that goal.

«The level of training of the health personnel is high, and that forces you to strive every day to put the name of Cuba very high and at a personal level and in our service that is being fulfilled and they are happy with our work.

"Regarding the protocols, we comply with ones established by the hospital, we abide them, they are dynamic protocols that change as the scientific evidence which is very dynamic varies. We all participate, we all give opinions and really, both the Andorran and Cuban staff are just one. ”

"A final message?"

We are very happy and they too, in sharing this experience between the two countries and happy for all the support and solidarity that we have received from Cuba and from many parts of the world.

"Express my eternal gratitude to the leadership of our country, to all our leaders, to all our doctors and nurses for the beautiful work of fighting this pandemic."

Translated by Amilkal Labañino / CubaSí Translation Staff

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