Cuba solidarity group in Belgium calls US blockade of the island criminal cynicism

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Cuba solidarity group in Belgium calls US blockade of the island criminal cynicism
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16 April 2020
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The US government is taking its blockade against Cuba to a criminal cynicism that ignores limits, and it does so in times when solidarity should be imposed,  the Belgian organization Los Amigos de Cuba denounced Thursday.

Freddy Tack, the vice-president of the association founded more than half a century ago, warned in a statement that at a time when the COVID-19 pandemic is attacking countries on all continents, Washington not only maintains and intensifies its siege on the island but also extends it to an unimaginable scenario.

At the end of March, a donation of masks and coronavirus detection kits made by the Chinese Internet giant Alibaba could not reach the island.  Just t a few days ago, received the news that Cuba couldn't buy ventilators because their supplier had been acquired by the American company Vyaire Medical Inc.

Everyone knows that ventilators are essential equipment in the fight against the pandemic, to assist the seriously ill. Is it possible to take cynicism further,' asked the Belgian activist.

Tack recalled the calls for solidarity with the island made by personalities from different political positions, the UN, the Pope, the World Health Organisation, and the European Union.


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