Cuba ratifies commitment in the fight against terrorism

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Cuba ratifies commitment in the fight against terrorism
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6 July 2020
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Havana, July 6 (ACN)-- Ana Silvia González Abascal, Chargé d'Affaires of the Cuban Mission to the United Nations, expressed the absolute and categorical commitment of the Caribbean nation in the fight against terrorism in all its forms and manifestations.

Speaking at the United Nations Virtual Week against Terrorism, held from July 6th through the 10th, the diplomat denounced the serious terrorist attack with a firearm against the Cuban Embassy in the United States last April 30th and the fact that, two months after the attack, the government of that country is still unable to publicly condemn the event and recognize its terrorist nature.

A press release from the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Affairs reports that the representative stated that Washington refrains from taking actions against individuals and terrorist groups based in U.S. territory that incite violence against Cuba and its institutions.

González Abascal rejected the unilateral and arbitrary inclusion of Cuba on the United States State Department's list of countries that allegedly do not fully cooperate with its anti-terrorist efforts and said that this scourge cannot be eradicated if double standards, manipulation, political opportunism and selectivity in dealing with it prevail.

The Cuban diplomat confirmed Cuba's willingness to cooperate with any State in preventing and confronting international terrorism, always on the basis of respect for the norms of international law.

For Cuba, international cooperation is indispensable. The United Nations must assume the central role in global efforts to combat it, she said.

The Cuban delegation attending the United Nations Virtual Counter-Terrorism Week also includes officials from the Cuban Mission to the United Nations.


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