COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready Within a Year: EU

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COVID-19 Vaccine Could Be Ready Within a Year: EU
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15 May 2020
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A Thai technologist works on Immunofluorescence process to conduct a test for COVID-19 vaccine, Chula Vaccine Research Center in Bangkok, Thailand, May 8, 2020. Photo: EFE

The European Medicines Agency (EMA) announced that a coronavirus vaccine could be ready for approval within a year in an "optimistic scenario".

"I don't think a vaccine could be ready by September of this year," EMA vaccine department chief Marco Cavaleri said at a press conference.

For Cavaleri, the world could look on the optimistic side that the vaccine will be ready within a year, in 2021.

Currently, experts are working on more than 100 potential vaccines for COVID-19 in different countries around the world. Several of them are in clinical trials.

In China, three vaccines have already completed the first phase of clinical trials. One of them is expected to be ready for use in September.

Another vaccine, created in Russia, passed the first phase of development in March and would be ready in early 2021.

In the UK, a vaccine developed by the Jenner Institute at Oxford University has already been successfully tested in monkeys. By June or July it will be known whether it is effective in humans.

In the U.S., 14 potential vaccines against the infection will be tested in the coming weeks.

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