Maykel Blanco to prepare Carnival of Salsa in Cuba

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Maykel Blanco to prepare Carnival of Salsa in Cuba
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1 October 2015
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The musical group forms part of Musicalia’s catalog, Artex’s artistic representation agency.
The festival that will be presided over by Maykel Blanco has been planned as a great success, with main and collateral stages with live performances of some of the greatest Cuban orchestras every night.  

According to the Salsa Mayor Orchestra director, important Cuban musical groups will play together to new orchestras. The Carnival main objective will be to promote the Island’s dance music.

Some of the proposals of this musical event include dance classes, small format groups, vocal soloists, dance groups and Djs. There will also be activities dedicated to the children with the participation of children dance companies and Cuban rhythms dance classes

The event also aims to homage great figures of the Cuban music and to recognize the work done to preserve pour musical roots. 

The Carnival of Salsa will take place along 1ra andMalecón streets from PaseoAvenue to G Avenue in Vedado. At present, the project is in an initial stage of planning and will be increasingly joining wills to make possible this attractive initiative from Maykel Blanco and Salsa Mayor.

 Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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