Arts exhibit to commemorate 120th anniversary of Jose Marti'S death

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Arts exhibit to commemorate 120th anniversary of Jose Marti'S death
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18 May 2015
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The exhibit entitled Como de un baño de luz, in allusion to one of Martí's verses, is the result of a collaboration between the Fine Arts National Museum, the City Historian Office and the Jose Marti Studies Center, institutions that have provided the works the public will be able to enjoy there until June 20.  

The almost forty pieces, the most part of which belongs to the Fine Arts National Museum funds, correspond to the classic period in Marti's iconography created in the late 19th century and early 20th century.  Works of the Cuban avant garde and some caricatures made by relevant artists have been also included.  

The paintings of Raúl Martínez and Pedro Pablo Oliva, who have many times inspired themselves in the life and work of our National Hero, will be two relevant cores in the exhibition.

According to declaration for the press of the project's curator Delia María López, this exhibit will not try to make a new speech about Jose Marti’s iconography but to place these institutions’ funds to the service of this necessary homage to such an important date in Latin American history.

She stated the title of the exhibition illustrates what the new generations of Cubans meant to Marti and the way his example re-emerges in each one of them.

Translation: Liana Fleitas (Cubarte)

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