Enrique Ubieta: Our Battle is of Thoughts, and can’t do Without the Truth

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Enrique Ubieta: Our Battle is of Thoughts, and can’t do Without the Truth
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2 November 2019
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An analysis on the war in the cultural scenario and the importance of the truth as the main weapon for left-wing movements, was approached this Friday by Cuban journalist and essayist Enrique Ubieta at a panel on the challenges of the left-wing at the Anti-Imperialist Meeting which holds session today.

In the beginning of his speech, he divert the attention to an everyday fact that never ceases to amaze: the impunity with which imperialism lies, and he added that the war held today against the left is not a battle for truth, but for power, where "everything goes".

However, he stressed that our battle is of thoughts, and that’s why he cannot do without the truth.
He pointed out that the truth is a cultural fact, and that the left-wing must claim justice and never let the unity of the oppressed be taken away from the oppressors.

He highlighted that the ideological contents of cultural materials must be taken into account, because of their ability to mislead realities, and he added that the agreements built today are more political than ideological, because what is sought after is solely power.

"The Revolution is the triumph of a culture of sufficient life, or it’s nothing," he said, contrary to the project of happiness in capitalist society focused more on acquiring assets rather than on being someone on your own.

"Those who believe that capitalism cannot be defeated, and they themselves have been defeated," he also said.

In the end he said: "If the alternative culture becomes invisible, those below will keep on dreaming with being part of those from above"; while he highlighted the importance of knowing history, then, in his opinion, "any interpretation of the past is explained by the ambition of the future of those who offer it."

The Anti-Imperialist Solidarity Meeting, for Democracy and Against Neoliberalism, will have its capital in Havana until next Sunday, with the presence of more than 1 000 delegates from 90 countries and 100 organizations.

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