Singer Roi Casal to play concert merging Cuban and Galician music

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Singer Roi Casal to play concert merging Cuban and Galician music
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11 October 2019
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Havana, Oct 11 (Prensa Latina) A combination of music, video and history will reach Havana stages in a concert by Galician singer Roi Casal, currently one of the main promoters of cultural relations between Galicia and Cuba.

With special performances of the show 'Son galego, Son cubano,' scheduled for October 12 and 16, Casal joins a delegation from his country participating in tributes to mark the 500th anniversary of the founding of Havana.

'Son galego, Son cubano,' an album that secured Casal the 2014 Cubadisco International Award, brings together traditional Galician and Cuban sounds, with the musicalization of nine texts by writer Xose Neira Vilas (1928-2015).

Music and poetry merge in the album that highlights the relations between the two territories on noting that several symbols of the Galician identity emerged precisely in Havana, such as its anthem, flag and the Academy of Language.

The performances, which will take place in the Cafe Miramar and the Alicia Alonso Grand Theater of Havana, will form part of the homonymous documentary by journalist and director Natasha Vasquez, who since 2015 has been collecting images and sound of the different stagings of this show.

The documentary, which deals with the migration of a group of women from Galicia to Havana in the early 20th century, reveals little-known history and also represents a tribute to prominent Galician writers such as Concepcion Arenal, Rosalia de Castro and Emilia Pardo.

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