Cuba and the USA discuss about Law enforcement

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Cuba and the USA discuss about Law enforcement
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18 May 2016
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Representatives from Cuba and the USA held today a second meeting on law enforcement, confirmed Cuba’s Foreign Affairs Ministry.

According to an official note released at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (CubaMinrex), the meeting provided continuity to the one held in Washington on November 9th, 2015. The goal was to explore areas where bilateral cooperation can be effective in the law enforcement field.

The meeting was held in a respectful and professional environment.

The Cuban delegation was made up of representatives from the Ministry of Interior, Justice, and Foreign Affairs, as well as the Attorney-General’s Office and the General Customs Administration of the Republic.

Meanwhile, the USA delegation was made up of officials from the Homeland Security Department, Justice, State, and members of the USA embassy in Cuba.

Both delegations converged on the idea of going forward in the cooperation work in this field as well as the need to subscribe bilateral instruments.

This meeting was held hours after Josefina Vidal —Director-General of the U.S. Division at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Cuba—, and the USA Deputy Assistant of the Secretary of State Kristie Kenney, held the third session of the Cuba-USA Bilateral Commission.

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