Angola: Culture Minister Analyses Co-Operation With Cuban Ambassador

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Angola: Culture Minister Analyses Co-Operation With Cuban Ambassador
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17 May 2016
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Culture minister Carolina Cerqueira last Monday received in an audience, in Luanda, the Cuban ambassador to Angola, Gisela Garcia Rivera, with whom she analysed the sate of the bilateral co-operation in the cultural domain.

In the end of the meeting, the Cuban diplomat said to the press that she discussed with the Angolan minister matters relating to the co-operation in the cultural domain, as well as its strengthening in various different areas, such as training in arts and of culture cadres.

Gisela Garcia Rivera stated also that Angola is a very much loved country in Cuba, and that all Cubans have great admiration for the brother people of Angola, adding that in view of that there is a need to see major presence of Cuban culture in Angola, chiefly in areas like music, aiming for better interaction with Angolans.

On the occasion, the diplomat recalled Angola's participation in the Cuban Book Fair in 2013, an edition that was dedicated to this African country and whose main highlights were actions of greater divulgence of the Angolan culture in the Latin American world.

"It is very important that the African culture be known in America and also the Cuban culture in Angola, but we can do much more in other áreas, such as museums and libraries", emphasised the Cuban ambassador.

She then revealed that Cuba wants to support as much as possible, principally in staff training, young Angolans who want to enter the arts world, adding that the presence of Cuban teachers in Angola, in the CEARTE art school, has made significant contribution to the development of arts.

"Cuban teachers are satisfied with their presence and participation in the training of Angolan cadres linked to cultural areas. They feel good in the training centre, and some of them would like to stay in Angola for longer, so it has been a very satisfactory interchange for the two states", said the diplomat.

On her turn, the Culture minister, Carolina Cerqueira, highlighted the need to strengthen the interchange between both countries, having into account the Cuban experience which, even with scant financial resources, develops a broad cultural activity and that can be used as a model at national level.

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