All governors and vice governors elected in Cuba

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All governors and vice governors elected in Cuba
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19 January 2020
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The president of Cuba's National Electoral Council (CNE), Alina Balseiro, said on Saturday that all governors and vice governors were elected.

It was a busy and fruitful day, and as announced, the information was already provided to President Miguel Diaz-Canel, and National Assembly and Council of State President Esteban Lazo, Balseiro explained at a press conference at the CEN headquarters.

On reading the minute, she made it clear that the entire process, with its respective validation, concluded at 13:10 hours, local time.

Of 12,363 municipal candidates of People's Power summoned, 12,244 participated in the elections, accounting for 99.04%.

All delegates cast their votes, and 39 ballots were blank and two were annulled, while 99.67% of the ballots were valid.

According to the results announced by the electoral authority, 11,625 delegates voted for governor and vice governor, and 578 voted selectively.

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